How quick action kept Jesse’s home loan refinance on track

Dream Makers in Action

With BluPeak Credit Union’s help, Jesse had a brand new, energy-efficient roof and solar system on his home. Sweet! Next up was refinancing his home loan. But just five days (one of them a holiday) before his rate lock was set to expire, he learned the new lender wasn’t okay with the BluPeak Credit Union solar loan. Surprise turned to panic when he discovered the subordination agreement the new lender required normally takes 10-20 days to complete. Then, he connected with Cora in our Consumer Lending department who, in Jesse’s words, “made the choice to be great!”

While a four-day turnaround seemed an insurmountable obstacle, Cora immediately understood the gravity of the situation for Jesse. Knowing exactly what needed to be done, she kept her cool and worked with him to quickly pull together the necessary documents, expedite the process and approvals, and deliver the subordination agreement in time for his refinance to move forward.

Referring to Cora as his hero, angel and savior all in one, Jesse appreciated that she never overpromised anything or put other members’ needs aside. She just made what was, in his view, a miracle happen — at the exact moment he needed it most. According to Jesse, she also created a member for life!

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