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All loans subject to credit approval. Rate terms and conditions subject to change. Full terms and conditions provided at application and card issuance. Mobile and data rates apply when using Mobile Banking and mobile payment systems. Credit card loan rates range from 9.90% APR – 18.90% APR and are based on credit worthiness. BluPeak Credit Union partners with ampliFI to manage the rewards program. BluPeak Credit Union is not an affiliate of ampliFI.

1. Interest begins accruing the day the transaction post to your account.
2. To be covered you must use reasonable care in safeguarding your card, including not contributing to any unauthorized use, and safeguard any related Personal Identification Number (PIN) or password; and report the loss or theft of your card immediately after becoming aware of it. Refer to the account and card agreements for full details.
3. $25 for Platinum Classic card.