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Yes! Mechanical Breakdown Protection, also known as a Vehicle Service Contract or on Extended Warranty, covers unexpected mechanical breakdowns above and beyond the original manufacturer's warranty. While your contract is in effect, you're assured that covered components of your vehicle will be repaired in the event of failure, including parts and labor charges less any deductible that may apply. Call us at 866.873.4968 and speak to one of our Loan Representatives for a quote.
Yes! GAP insurance, or Guaranteed Asset Protection, helps provide financial security if your vehicle is stolen or damaged beyond repair by cancelling the difference between the auto insurance settlement and your remaining loan balance. If you're interested in purchasing GAP, please call us at 866.873.4968.
You may occasionally receive offers from TruStage Insurance for Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D), Life Insurance as well as Auto and Home Insurance. BluPeak Credit Union considers insurance an important part of your overall financial well-being, and we make these offers available to ensure you have insurance options at an affordable price. Today, more than 14 million members rely on TruStage to provide affordable individual and family coverage. To learn more, visit TruStage or call 888.787.8243. To cancel your TruStage Insurance call:
  • TruStage Life Insurance:                         888.787.8243
  • TruStage AD&D:                                      888.787.8243
  • TruStage Auto and Home Insurance:    888.380.9287
TruStage is a registered trademark of CUNA Mutual Group.


Our Bank Wire Transfer Fees are:
Bank Wires need to be completed before 1:30 p.m. PST Monday through Friday.
To receive a wire and have it credited to your BluPeak Credit Union account, please give the payer the following information:
  • Your BluPeak Credit Union account number
  • Our Routing and Transit Number: 322281691
  • Corporate Address: 10120 Pacific Heights Blvd, Suite 100, San Diego, CA 92121
  • Phone number: 866.873.4968
Note: Please notify the wiring institution that we do not have a BIC or Swift Code.
The easiest way to initiate a wire transfer is electronically through Online Banking. Log in to your account and click the Secure Forms Tab to find the form you need. We offer both domestic and foreign wire transfers depending on your needs. Simply complete the form and click Submit to initiate your request. Need personal assistance with your wire request? No problem. Please visit any BluPeak Credit Union branch or call us at 866.873.4968. Wiring money to an escrow company? Please have the escrow officer fax wiring instructions to our Member Service Center 858.795.6034.
The easiest way to pay another person is through Bill Pay in Online Banking. Click on the Bill Pay tab, enter the person's name in the available field and click "Add." You'll need to provide the individual's address since payments to individuals are sent via regular mail. Need more options? You can also wire funds to other parties using the Wire Transfer Request form in Online Banking. Your BluPeak Credit Union account is also compatible with payment apps like CASH APP or Venmo. Venmo is a service of PayPal, Inc. CASH APP is a trademark of Square, Inc.
We offer several convenient ways to transfer money between your BluPeak Credit Union accounts:
  • Log in to Online Banking and click the Move Money tab
  • Log in to Online Banking using our Mobile App and tap Transfers
  • Use our 24-Hour Telephone Banking Line at 866.873.4968
  • Visit any CO-OP ATM