What is Overdraft Protection?

Overdraft Protection gives you peace of mind should you accidentally overdraw your account. When in force, this protection ensures that overdrafts — including Debit/ATM transactions that exceed your available balance — are covered by another approved source of funds.

Here’s how it works. You select which accounts and which order you want us to use when accessing your other funds. For example, you can set the overdraft to pull from your savings account first and then your credit card.

Call us to learn more about Overdraft Protection at 866.873.4968.

We also offer Courtesy Pay as an additional option to minimize the inconvenience and cost associated with overages. With Courtesy Pay, we can cover overdrafts on checks, ATM withdrawals and Debit Card transactions.  Please note that Courtesy Pay is not available on Debit/ATM transactions unless you opt in for this protection.

To set up Courtesy Pay Coverage for Debit/ATM transactions, log in to Online Banking, select the Secure Forms link and select the Overdraft Protection form.