Enjoy an Early Payday With Direct Deposit

Black woman looking at document while working on her laptop so she can set up direct deposit and get an early payday.

Whether just starting a career or already in the thick of it, we all look forward to that day—weekly, biweekly, or monthly—when our employer hands over the moola we’ve earned for our hard work. So, how cool would it be if we could get access to that money sooner?

Let us introduce our super-special friend: direct deposit!

And getting access to your paycheck sooner is just the beginning. Direct deposit has loads of benefits, so read on to learn more and find out how to set up direct deposit.

Benefits of Direct Deposit

Enjoy an early payday: There are two reasons you get an early payday with direct deposit. First, because the funds are transferred to you electronically, you ditch the old-school delay between when your employer cuts your check and when you deposit it. The other is that—again, because it’s all electronic—your funds are available immediately. No more hanging out waiting for the paycheck to clear.

Save time: With direct deposit, you also don’t have to go into your workplace to pick up your paycheck or rely on snail mail to deliver it. Of course, that’s a huge plus for remote workers, especially, but even if you work onsite, direct deposit means there’s no need to bother with endorsing and depositing paper checks, so it’s a win for convenience, too.

Avoid overdrafts: You know we’re huge fans of helping you keep more of your money, so it’s probably no surprise that one of our favorite benefits is how you can avoid bank fees with direct deposit. Think: overdraft fees. Since your direct deposits are available immediately, you’re much less likely to incur overdraft fees that can happen when you misjudge when your paycheck will clear and when your payments and withdrawals will be processed. Cha-ching!

Improve security and privacy: Bottom line is that paper checks are just not as secure as direct deposit. In addition to the very tight security of the electronic banking system, which transfers the money directly into your account, there are no worries about lost, damaged, or stolen paper checks.

Simplify saving and budgeting: When you automate the deposit of your paycheck, consider taking it one step further and also automate the amounts you’d like to allocate to savings, investing, and other financial goals. You know when your paycheck will hit your account, so you can easily arrange to have funds automatically transferred to those other accounts when the direct deposit takes place. That way, there’s no worry about forgetting or being tempted to spend that cash on other things.

How to Set Up Direct Deposit

Now that you’re on board with direct deposit, the next step is making it happen. That’s a process we at BluPeak make easy-peasy. Naturally, you have to start by opening a checking account to receive the funds. If you’re already a member and have a checking account, simply complete our direct deposit form, provide it to your employer, and we’ll take it from there. If you’re using a different direct deposit form, be sure to enter and double-check that you have our routing and transit number, which is 322281691.

It’s that simple. And, of course, you can always reach out to us at 866.873.4968 or memberservice@bluepeak.com. We’re here to help!

Want to Learn More?

Taking advantage of direct deposit is just one of the ways you can reach your financial goals faster by keeping more of your money and avoiding unexpected fees. For more financial tips, visit our Financial Education & Counseling page.


Insured by NCUA. Must meet membership and account criteria. This information is provided for educational purposes only and is not intended to be financial advice. Direct Deposit generally credited one business day prior to the designated payment date if provided by the employer. Actual deposit date is not guaranteed.

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